The iPad menu for innovative restaurants


Use your own graphics, logo and colors to customize the interface of iMenuXL.
Each list of dishes, wines and oils, and their detail cards are completely editable with a SQL editor and iTunes. All with a simple drag&drop of your file (you will find all of the information inside the application). If you don't want to spend time, we can customize your app with incredible graphics and insert the data in iMenuXL for you.



Let your customers order directly on the iPad through the full version of iMenuXL. You can use this feature to make your orders directly in the kitchen and at the checkout for billing. With the information inside iMenuXL, customers will eventually make more orders, raising your income.

Enhance the Lunch Experience

MenuXL will not only provide a unique and fun time for the customers, but it will enhance their dining experience, too. Besides providing more information on menu items, wines and oils, iMenuXL will replace the waiters in all those questions that customers usually ask to the restaurant staff.


We can also add ads from an Italian olive oil company, that will pay part of the customization of Your App. Contact us for more information.


We can give you every information and an offer to customize your own iMenu. A free version is available in the App Store.